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Dr. Archer and Dr. John Maxwell

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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Dr. Archer

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​Devon Franklin, Hollywood Film Maker of Movies such as Heaven is for Real and Miracles from Heaven.

We exist to turn pain into power and tragedy into triumph through the best motivational and inspirational messages ever delivered by anyone, anywhere through any medium.

Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to people in every country of the world through books, television, movies, seminars and crusades.


Christ-centered operation| Edify the body of Christ | Unify the human race |Glorify God. 


Ron Archer was ordained to the Christian Ministry in 1989 and was 
installed into his first church in Cleveland Ohio.  Ron has planted multiple churches and leads crusades and revivals globally.  

He now serves as a Pastor to Pastors in the U.S., Kenya, Nigeria South Africa, Swaziland, Jamaica,  Korea, Germany, Italy, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Costa Rica and Colombia South America.

Our ministry is 
pro life and fundamental in its theological beliefs and spirit filled in its expression.  Below are our core beliefs:

The Bible is the basis of Christian beliefs 
Christians believe that there is only one God, whom they call Father as Jesus Christ taught them.


Christians recognize Jesus as the Son of God who was sent to save mankind from death and sin.

Jesus Christ taught that he was Son of God. His teachings can be summarized, briefly as the love of God and love of one's neighbor.

Jesus said that he had 
come to fulfill God's law rather than teach it.

Justification by faith

Christians believe in justification by faith - that through their belief in Jesus as the Son of God, and in his death and resurrection, they can have a right relationship with God whose forgiveness was made once and for all through the death of Jesus Christ.

The Trinity

Christians believe in the Trinity -
is, in  God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Some confuse this and think that Christians believe in three separate gods, which they don't.

Christians believe that God took human form as Jesus Christ and that God is present today through the work of the Holy Spirit and evident in the actions of believers.

Life after death

Christians believe that there is a life after earthly death.

Bible is the word of God